Residential development is proposed on the western portion of the property, where the wharf is located. The structure proposed is made up of a tower and podium; the tower being 20 storeys and 292 residential units (one and two bedroom units) and the podium portion being 5 storeys and accommodating parking. The total proposed building height is 20 storeys. The podium is expected to accommodate approximately 310 parking spaces, as well as bicycle parking. Surface parking is also proposed abutting Lower Union Street.

Access to the site will be via Lower Union Street. An elongated round-about is proposed to provide a turnaround at the main entrance of the building. Emergency access will be provided through Navy Memorial Park to the Pump House building.

The applicant is proposing to adaptively reuse the Kingston Dry Dock and Pump House Complex. The current conceptual plan shows the Pump House building accommodating a residential use and a community use, such as a museum. However, there are many possibilities for the Pump House building, and the proposal intends to allow for a variety of options. In addition to residential and community uses, the zoning is also proposed to allow for future commercial uses such as retail, office space or restaurant.

The Dry Dock is proposed to be “decked” in order to provide safe pedestrian access to the water. An urban beach with stepped seating is envisioned, as well as an adjacent interpretive water play feature. Much of the existing structures’ limestone walls and industrial features are to be maintained to sustain the cultural value of the site. A pedestrian bridge is also proposed at the east side (lake side) of the Dry Dock.

The waterfront pathway will connect through the site, providing continuous pedestrian access along Lake Ontario. A 2-storey colonnade is proposed along the west end of the building.

Preserve and enhance the cultural heritage value of this site – its marine identity, built form features, landscape and views – as a whole, though context-sensitive design

Create a unique “landmark” building along Kingston’s waterfront that responds to the site’s heritage values, surrounding built form and landscape features

Complete key linkages and public realm improvements on site, to establish the site as a key node within Kingston’s waterfront pathway network

Figure 6: Conceptual Site Plan

Figure 7: Podium and Tower – view from water.

Figure 8: Podium and tower – view from west side.

Figure 9: Approach from Lower Union.


Figure 10: “Parcel 1”: Union Street Jetty and Wharf

Figure 11: Lower Union Street

Figure 12: “Parcel 2” Dry Dock. 

Figure 13: “Parcel 2”: Pump House Complex and Wharf.  

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